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Sharing stories is at the heart of understanding people – what they perceive and what they experience.

You can get people fired up about stories and you can use storytelling to create new meaning that resonates with people, even challenging the way they see the world.

We’re exploring how young people cope with making a living. We know that across Europe more than one in five young people are out of work, that almost half of us are in precarious work situations. What about the stories behind the statistics?

How do you cope with the crisis?
How do you try and make a living? Tell us!

What the statistics rarely tell us, is how people cope with these situations. People cope in different ways – emotionally & practically with situations they go through in life. Some people become overwhelmed or blame themselves while others look for opportunities to improve. So we exploring how young people cope emotionally.

How do you cope with the crisis? How do you try and make a living? Tell us!

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