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Home / Resources / News / TalkReal: Towards a Plan ‘D’ for Democracy in Europe

TalkReal: Towards a Plan ‘D’ for Democracy in Europe

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How and why has Europe been split? Which Europe is in crisis? How can people organise to reclaim the European project from neoliberalism and defend it against a plethora of right wing nationalisms?

For years we have been told ‘There is No Alternative’, that the status quo is both healthy and here to stay. But as national and transnational institutions struggle to contain a complex and multi-headed crisis it is clearer than ever that radical change represents our only chance of a better future.

On this new episode of TalkReal (like it on facebook!) we debate with Walter Baier  (Coordinator of Transform), Katerina Anastasiou (Change4All), Kurto Wendt  (Convoy Refugee) and Alexandra Strickner (ATTAC Austria) about the future of democracy in Europe, the changing borders and the challenges that transnational movements face today.

Hosted by Lorenzo Marsili (European Alternatives), directed by Berardo Carboni.

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