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Stop-TTIP day of action

This autumn the dispute over the trade and investment agreements TTIP CETA entered a heated phase. Both agreements threaten to undermine democracy and the rule of law. The Initiative ‘Stop TTIP and CETA’ has gathered more then 3,2 million signatures from across the continent. If it would have been accepted as a European Citizens Initiative, it would have been the most successful one to date, showing a strong opposition to the European Commission plans.

In Berlin, the October 10 will be a mobilisation day to protest the deal. The demonstration is a joint effort by more than 30 organisations including ‘Stop TTIP and CETA’, the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) with its member trade unions, agricultural and consumer associations as well as environmental, cultural and development organisations. Together, they are criticising the lack of transparency surrounding negotiations and condemning the agreements as a threat to ecological and social standards.

The coalition is calling for standing to together for a trade and investment policy, which is based on high environmental and social standards and promotes sustainable development in all countries. It must, in particular:

  • preserve democracy and the rule of law and ensure that states, countries and communities remain in a position to act, now and in the future,
  • respect and strengthen national and international standards for the protection of humans and the environment, and
  • promote the development of a just economic world order and call to account and bring to justice companies around the world.

The full call for action, is online (in German).