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SHAREs Exhibition Opens in Istanbul

How To Tell A Story is one of the main stages of the project SHAREs – Informing Transnational Mobilization. SHAREs  is  an  18  months  long  project  conceived  as  a  platform  to  develop  a transnational  collaboration  involving  people  from  about  10  European  countries  from  different sectors (cultural operators, artists, journalists, activists philosophers, students) and to establish a long term dialogue with non-EU yet countries (Turkey). SHARES intends to stress the relationship between the role of communication and information production, distribution and consumption, with the potential forms of mobilisation and collaboration as necessarily linked to each other.

How to tell a Story – Exhibition in Istanbul, 12 January – 18 February 2013, at DEPO Istanbul

Opening 11th January
with music by Timo Rohula from “1930” by Aleksandra Domenovic

Lecture by Dan Perjovschi, 12th January 1630

Exhibition With:

Archive  (Chiara  Figone,  Francesca  Boenzi,  Paolo  Caffoni,  Ignas  Petronis) (Germany/Italy), Aleksandra Domanovic (Serbia/ Germany),  Dan Perjovschi (Romania), John Menick (USA),  Vladimir  Nikolic (Serbia),  Marinella  Senatore (Italy),  John  Smith (UK), Imogen Stidworthy (UK), Adam Vackar (Czech Republic/France).

Exhibition curated by Emanuele Guidi and Cathy Larquè

How To Tell A Story is an exhibition that investigates the relationship between artistic practices and the sphere of information production and dissemination.

The title, taken from the series of drawings by John Menick, refers to storytelling as a form of art which respond to precise rules and that, already from the middle of 20th  century, expanded from  the  creative  field  !  where  it  referred  mainly  to  the  practice  of  writing  ‘screenplays,  romance novels, mystery novels, and science fiction novels’ ! to enter and inform every sphere of life from marketing strategies to political discourses and the whole news/media system.

The exhibition starts from this subject to present artistic and cultural practices, which critically play  with  the  mechanisms  of  storytelling  as  well  as  the  hierarchies,  and  power  relations  that regulate  the  information  distribution.  The  artists  observe  the  history  and  the  strategies  of  the official mass media – from TV to radio, from newspapers to different form of printed items – to tackle their role in the shaping of the collective imaginary. At the same time How To Tell A Story presents  the  work  of  artists  who  explore  participative  methodologies  to  make  possible  for collective  narratives  to  emerge  and  therefore rethink the balance between producer and receiver, between author and audiences.