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Home / Resources / News / Podcast Launch: Beyond the Nation State

Podcast Launch: Beyond the Nation State



How can we act beyond borders? What alternative realities can we build? How do we take care of people & planet, building a solidary society that works for everyone – at the intersection of class, gender, sexual orientation & geographic origin? How do we take care of non-human beings? In this podcast series, we meet transnational activists, academics, cultural practitioners & civil society to discuss these questions and imagine, demand & enact alternatives.

Episode 1: International activism from Bulgaria to Iran. Click here to listen to the podcast.

What does practical transnational organising look like? Can we build a New International? Through the lens of feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights, migrants’ organising, workers’ rights, the Covid-19 pandemic & more, we discuss how grassroots international activism can organically connect intersectional movements across and outside of Europe, from Bulgaria to Britain, Turkey to Iran.

How can we act beyond nation-states and nationalism to build truly global consciousness and action? How can we remain sensitive to local contexts while working towards a new universalism?

We spoke to Bulgaria-based activist Kalina Drenska, co-founder of EAST – East Autonomous Struggles Transnational to explore the possibilities.