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Home / Resources / News / Nuovo servizio per aggiornamenti su politiche migratorie

Nuovo servizio per aggiornamenti su politiche migratorie

Siamo lieti di offrire un nuovo servizio per restare aggiornati sugli sviluppi in tema di politiche migratorie UE. Il servizio è attualmente disponibile solo in inglese.

European Alternatives has long been committed to fighting against inhuman and restrictive practices in the management of migration to Europe. We have co-created the European network Open Access Now and taking active part in the Italian campaign LasciateCIEntrare.

We have now inaugurated a new and free information service on EU-level developments providing information on migration and detention policies and news, and on the extent of the need for transnational advocacy and campaigning for migrants’ rights.

The service is articulated around a monthly interactive newsletter (please download a copy of the very first issue here). To sign up, please leave your details using the form below.

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You can also download the latest digital issues of the EA Migration Area & Detention Programme eNewsletters here below:

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