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Home / Resources / News / Finding Europe (and us) at re:publica 2015

Finding Europe (and us) at re:publica 2015

02TheWayToEuropeEurope’s biggest conference on the internet and society, re:publica, takes place in Berlin this week. This year’s theme is ‘Finding Europe,’ and who better to take on this challenge than the European Alternatives Community?

Jackson Oldfield from the Berlin office and Laura Frühmann and Andrea van der Grinten from the EA Amsterdam group will present a game filled hour on May, 7 at 3 p.m. The session will focus on two separate initiatives to use games to find and understand Europe. It’ll also be an opportunity to learn more about our Citizen Rights work.

We are also hosting a UK election party on May 7. Join us for comedy and drinks as we ponder Europe’s future #withorwithoutuk. To while away the hours as we wait for results, there’ll be comedy and a quiz. If you know your stuff, you could win a case of beer, which if you don’t feel like lugging home we’re sure attendees can help you with. No re:publica ticket needed to attend.

Please tweet us hello and must-see events at @EuroAlter. #rp15