Room to Bloom - Living Pavilion Palermo

Palermo November
19th 2021
EA Evento
EA Evento

November 19th

Following our workshop in Athens, Room to Bloom transnational and intercultural platform reaches Palermo on November 19-23th. A second training and exhibition will take the shape of The living Pavilion: weaving commons out of time a call for action aiming to promote a collaborative learning by doing approach fostering exchange between artists, art professionals, institutions, and communities beyond frontiers. The online and site-specific program works as an organism aiming to leverage art practices from a transfeminist, post-human, queer, and decolonial standpoint. The relational device overfloods and delves into borderlands and institution walls with counter-narratives reshaping art practices into a motion site-specific laboratory committed to examine processes, activating archives aiming to re-center peripheries into inclusive spaces of radical difference and care.

The three-day multi-format festival will spatially explore many forms of enclosure that underpin colonial and patriarchal binary mechanisms of exclusion of Capitalism configuring subaltern otherness as gender, class, race, and wilderness. Simultaneously we will be operating within multiple tensions across borders and politics of display building room for a less hierarchical and more horizontal collective agency, reclaiming space to re-imagine newer softer porous forms of otherness and togetherness.

‘The living Pavilion’ navigates daily Palermo’s public space through relational artworks and training led mainly by Room to Bloom network artists produced in collaboration with the local art scene in events hosted by artists, associations, collectives, and activists. Evenings will offer screenings, performances, and discussions with our guests in different venues open to the city’s general public and will be streamed online to our extended network.

On-site and online radio streamed episodes will announce and expand a follow up of the outcome and afterlife of this 3 day collective artwork in order to promote interaction with local communities seeding a long-lasting ecosystem of interconnectedness across borders, time and distance for us to cultivate a sense of agency, cross-pollination, and belonging.