Room to Bloom: Ecofeminist Narratives for Europe and Beyond

Kiev November
7th 2021
EA Evento
EA Evento

November 7th at 17h at The House of Cinema, Blue Hall

Room to Bloom is a new feminist platform that brings together emerging artists from across the world who create ecological and postcolonial narratives for Europe and beyond. In this public event, members of Room to Bloom come together to present the newly established platform and discuss the most urgent feminist challenges in the international art scene. The event will also present Hybrids and humans/She-Wolf, the artistic project by Katarzyna Hertz and Magdalena Siemaszko (Kultura Kresu Collective & Room to Bloom artists). With this project, Kultura Kresu Collective wants to unveil the threads of reproduction, gender and race – that becomes important not only for humans, as the ecofeminist theorists remind us, but also for animals and elements of our environmental surroundings. Who has the right to live, reproduce and why? We refer to the discourses of modern environmentalism, as well as asking what care, protection and sharing mean in the posthuman age. In an open discussion with the public, the event will pose questions on the possibility of coexistence, nonhuman agency and interspecies ethics, post-scientific position in the human-nature bonding, as well as the sources of fear and control, stability, coherence and responsibility.

Room to Bloom is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union

The event will be held in English