Citizens Take Over Europe - online sessions 2021

Online January
14th 2021
Citizens Take Over Europe Evento
Citizens Take Over Europe Evento

January 14th

The Citizens Take Over Europe initiative brings together a coalition of 50 European civil society organisation who call for citizens to be at the centre of European decision-making in the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe. The coalition aims to host an independent self-organised citizen-driven Conference. Citizens Take Over Europe is organising a series of online events on the 15 December & 13-14 January showcasing the vision for a dynamic, participatory and inclusive Conference on the Future of Europe.

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Day1: Tuesday 15th December – 17:30 – 20:30 – Better Participation: How do we get citizens to the centre of the Conference and European democracy?
Day 2: Wednesday 13th January- 17:30-20:00 – Session: Storytelling the Future of Europe: How do we create a European narrative for more to join in?
Day 3: Thursday 14th January 16:00-19:30 – Session: How should the Conference be organised? A Public Hearing and Citizen Co-Creation Lab