Eventi 2017

European Alternatives organizza e partecipa a molti eventi, in tutta Europa per promuovere la democrazia, l’uguaglianza e la cultura al di là dello stato nazionale. I nostri eventi includono conferenze, dibattiti aperti, assemblee, festival, presentazioni di libri e molto altro ancora. Vedi se stiamo organizzando qualche evento nella vostra città e venite a trovarci!

Berlin March
17th 2017
European Voluntary Service for All Evento

Conference “Volunteering for Social Change”

European Voluntary Service for All Evento

March 17th at 16:00h at Allianz Forum Berlin, Pariser Platz 6
„How can we strengthen social cohesion and create a more inclusive Europe?” Many committed Europeans have been asking themselves this question in light of increasing Euro-scepticism and national egotisms 60 years after the execution of the Treaties of Rome. In…
Rome March
20th 2017
EA Evento

10th Anniversary European Alternatives: Terzo tempo / Overtime

EA Evento

March 20th at 13:00h at MAXXI Museum
Paris March
31st 2017
EA Evento

Contemporary & Feminist Art as a response to social change

EA Evento

March 31st at 17:00h at Bétonsalon - Centre d'art et de recherche
Revolutions, war: the last 10 years have been a period of strong social changes in Ukraine. Politics are back on stage: with, on one side, the strengthening the extreme right discourse and on the other side the development of feminism,…
Lisbon June
9th 2017
EA Evento

Seminário Internacional “Como apoiar pessoas refugiadas”

EA Evento

June 9th at 14:00h at Goethe-Institut Portugal
Refugees are one of the most vulnerable segments of the population, and therefore need safe and professional care and support. Volunteers’ contribution can be an important part of this as it is the collective work of people all around the…
Frankfurt June
23rd 2017
EA Evento

Solidarity Europe: where do we live?

EA Evento

June 23rd at 19:30h at Ökohaus, Frankfurt am Main, Kasseler Straße 1 A
Europe must become a social union, at least. And Germany is a central arena for European politics: austerity, low wages and export surpluses made in Germany destroy the livelihoods of entire generations. Today the European Union seems to be nothing…
London September
13th 2017
EA Evento

The Citizens’ Rally

EA Evento

September 13th at 18:00h at Trafalgar Square
On Wednesday 13 September, join The Citizens’ Rally in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the lives of all EU Citizens living in the UK & British Citizens in Europe and support their simple ask to keep their current rights unchanged after…