Eventi 2016

European Alternatives organizza e partecipa a molti eventi, in tutta Europa per promuovere la democrazia, l’uguaglianza e la cultura al di là dello stato nazionale. I nostri eventi includono conferenze, dibattiti aperti, assemblee, festival, presentazioni di libri e molto altro ancora. Vedi se stiamo organizzando qualche evento nella vostra città e venite a trovarci!

Marghera February
14th 2016
EA Evento

Rebel Cities: with Ada Colau, Luigi De Magistris, Lorenzo Marsili, Gianfranco Bettin

EA Evento

February 14th at 18:00h at Marghera Piazza Mercato
The recent and catastrophic result of the UK referendum on the Brexit shows that we cannot go on like this: the austerity policies led by national and European élites over the years of the crisis, have brought fragmentation and inequalities.…
London February
20th 2016
EA Evento

Youth and Mobility in Post Brexit Europe

EA Evento

February 20th at 17:00h at Europe House 32 Smith Square London SW1P 3EU
In the year in which the Erasmus programme turns 30, Brexit will be officially triggered by UK Government. This means that in the next few years, British young people will most likely lose their European citizenship rights of freedom of…
Rome March
23rd 2016
EA Evento

Democracy in Europe

EA Evento

March 23rd at 9:30h at Casa dell’Architettura
As Europeans we are too often told that we must choose between reverting to the nation state or maintaining the crisis status quo. We reject this dichotomy because we know that alternative paths exist. In Rome we will speak about…
Edinburgh June
16th 2016
EA Evento

The Future of Unions: the power of citizens and the UK – EU Referendum

EA Evento

June 16th at 18:00h at Word Power Books 43-45 West Nicolson Street
The UK referendum on membership of the European Union will potentially have momentous implications for the future of the United Kingdom, but also for the future of the European Union. Not just the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ result, but the majority…
London August
17th 2016
EA Evento

The Future of Democracy in Europe | Film screening and discussion

EA Evento

August 17th at 19:00h at Newspeak House
As the aftermath of the Brexit vote begins to unfold and nationalism continues to be on the rise all across Europe, it is more important than ever to animate our hopes in the possibility of transnational democracy. At this timely…