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Consultation on new EA Constitution

Faced with an increasing crisis of democracy in Europe, European Alternatives is conducting a re-organisation of its internal functioning to turn itself into an ever more democratic citizens' movement capable of working at transnational level with new forms of direct participation and involvement.

European Alternatives seeks to promote alternative forms of transnational political subjectivity and collective cultural and political action. European Alternatives sees itself as an experiment in the construction of a participatory and democratic transnational actor in Europe. 

To this end,  following a consultation with members through a general online survey, a focus group of a sample of activists, and a consultation with staff, we have drafted a reformed democratic Constitution for the organisation, better clarifying decision-making structures and empowering the membership to control the course of the organisation.

We are calling all members to express their opinion on the different sections of this Draft Constitution, and to make additional proposals or suggestions for amendments. 

 Here you may read the draft constitution in PDF

And here you may find some diagrams to explain simply the different bodies described in the Constitution

What do you think? We have set up a dedicated online forum to empower members to comment or express specific proposals or suggestions on the different articles of the Constitution:

Access the forum here to leave your specific proposal or comment.

All proposals added to the forum will be visible to all members, and will be discussed at an ad-hoc meeting of the Transnational board. Based on these proposals, a second draft of the Constitution will be produced and circulated to members for discussion and approval. 

For any doubt or question not addressed in the forum, you may contact Lorenzo: l.marsili @ euroalter . com