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A very European Story

In 2005, Antonio, from Italy and Juan, from Argentina both win a scholarship to study in a university in the UK. The two get to know each other, like each other very much and start going out together.
After the end of their university course, they both find work in London, move in together and live together for three years. Juan has a working permit paid by his employer. In 2009 Antonio and Juan celebrate their love through a civil partnership. In 2010 Antonio gets a job offer in Italy and would like to return with his husband, who could look for a job there once the couple has settled.

Unfortunately, Italy does not recognise their union and Juan, a non-European, can only get a three-month tourist visa, after which he would have to leave Italy or become an illegal migrant, which in Italy is a crime. It would be almost impossible for him to get a job as a high-skilled non-European without a working permit. Juan and Antonio appeal to the European Union.

Should Juan be allowed to move to Italy with his husband?

If you think so, follow the discussion¬†here…..