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Organizmo Bloom focuses on non western epistemologies and on community sustainable building. Thanks to new forms of intersectional art residency programs addressed to eco transfeminist artists from the UK and Colombia, this alliance provides a unique experience of horizontal cultural dialogues and cross pollination. The program aims to branch artists who have an intercultural interest, with rural communities in some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

Thanks to a high end innovation ethical approach Organizmo Bloom allows the development of new artforms, new methods and narratives.

The holistic approach program offers an intersectional artistic residency for artists having interest in intercultural dialogues selected via an open call within the Room to Bloom network. The residencies focus on the generation of horizontal dialogues thanks to creative technology, visual and performing arts, crafts, bio-construction techniques and agro-ecology.

Organizmo Bloom is a partnership between European Alternatives / the Room to Bloom project, Organizmo and La Urbana community based in the jungles of Matavén, the Amazonian foothills, and independent curator Marcela Caldas. The artists involved in the residency were; Daniella Valz GenDan CoopeySiu Vásquez and Maria Buena Ventura.

Countries Involved
Europe, Colombia

Duration of Project

With the Support of
British Council


¿Cómo se prepara un pez?

Text and drawing by Maria Buena Ventura

Entre fibras y significados

Text by Daniella Valz Gen


Text by Natalia Guarnizo

Reflejos y apetitos

Text by Siu Vasquez