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Home / Projects / Festival des Littératures en Marges (FLEM)

The Festival des Littératures en Marges (FLEM) returns to Saint-Denis in 2024, in partnership with the Musée Paul Eluard and its exhibition “La mécanique de l’exploit: le corps à l’épreuve du sport”.

Littératures en Marges is a festival born in 2023, co-created by Christina Horvath of the University of Bath, Juliet Carpenter of Oxford University and European Alternatives in France.

FLEM offers a series of roundtables, workshops and artistic performances that bring together writing, art and politics to highlight representations, celebrations and actions for inclusive sport. From politicised queer bodies to education for equality, guests will examine through a gender lens how the subversive potential of bodies in motion can contribute to deconstructing the gendered imaginaries, inequalities, stereotypes and discriminations that persist in sporting institutions.

Countries Involved

Duration of Project
2023 – ongoing

With the Support of
European Commission
Musée d’art et d’histoire Paul Eluard

Cinéma l’Ecran
Le Phare Collectif
Un ring pour tou.te.s
Editions Justes au corps
Critical Change LAB
The Three Hijabis
Cacahuètes Sluts