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Home / Events / Past events / The Future of Unions: the power of citizens and the UK – EU Referendum

The Future of Unions: the power of citizens and the UK – EU Referendum

The UK referendum on membership of the European Union will potentially have momentous implications for the future of the United Kingdom, but also for the future of the European Union. Not just the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ result, but the majority of that result, the geographical distribution of the vote, and what conclusions are drawn by political leaders in the UK, Scotland and throughout the EU will set a course for future politics.
One week before the referendum we gather a transnational group of thinkers, activists and artists from throughout Europe to reflect on the referendum itself and its implications, the current state of democracy and the place and power of the citizen and non-citizens in Europe.

With the participation of:
Jo Shaw (Edinburgh Law School)
Igor Stiks (Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh)
Pietro Saitta (Università degli Studi di Messina)
Penny Travlou (Edinburgh College of Art)
Peter Vermeersch (University of Leuven)
Camille Louis (Paris 8 University /
Maria Kakogianni (University of Paris 8)
Niccolo Milanese (European Alternatives)

In association with the New Metropolitan