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Community Conversations

During this Community Conversation, European Alternatives and YEN will discuss influencing democratic processes in Europe among young people with guest speaker Magid Magid. Whether it be citizen assemblies, guardians of the future, fighting for intergenerational rights or self-governing in city-states, we ask what are young people doing out there for their futures.

 We will have Marta Cillero of European Alternatives, a transnational civil society organisation and citizen movement that promotes democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state; Pia Šlogar of Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) the largest network of youth organisations of autochthonous, national and linguistic minorities in Europe. YEN advocates for the interests of minorities, with a special focus on young people; with Magid Magid a Somali-British justice activist, author and a former elected politician. He was a Green Party MEP representing Yorkshire & the Humber at the European Parliament and was previously the youngest ever Lord Mayor of his beloved city, Sheffield. Magid recently published ‘The Art of Disruption’ – A Manifesto for Real Change. European Alternatives and YEN are launching their guides to influencing European democracy soon.

The conversation will be hosted in zoom. In order to access the zoom link, we ask you to register by filling out this form.