Angela Anton

Angela was elected as one of the two member representatives of the Transeuropa Network for a year, during elections that took place from October 7th to 14th 2011. Find out more about who she is and why she wanted to become member representative. Sign up to become a member of the Netwok!

Dear members of Transeuropa Network, my name is Angela ANTON. If you’ll ask my friends to describe me, they will say that I’m a little, happy, full of energy and charismatic girl from Romania. Five years ago I left my hometown to study at university. In 2009 I’ve graduated the Faculty of Economic Management within The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. Today, I am studying the master program Management of Non-Governmental Organisations, within the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. Regarding my experience in NGO’s field, I can say that I am practicing volunteering for 4 years. Last year, I discovered non-formal education and I’ve been realized how important it is nowadays for the future of our youth. Therefore, I am vice-president in a local youth NGO (“Support for Youth Development” Association) from Cluj-Napoca. I am writing and coordinating European projects.
First time when I heard about European Alternatives was in March this year, when my colleague Diana called me and asked me if I want to be part of Transeuropa Festival. After I read the motto “Democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state” my answer was yes, because one of my dreams is to live in a world where the discrimination is missing and the respect for the others exists and European Alternatives is a way for doing a better one. Since July this year, I was democratically elected to be the city coordinator of Cluj local group.
I have chosen to candidate because I know that I have the time, skills, capacities and competences, the minimum experience to represent the members on the board, in the proper way. I am very sociable and communicative, and I expect from the persons I work and not only, to be characterized by correctness. Ambition, integrity and professionalism are some of my strengths. Thank you!