Join us: #starbucketchallenge

The German comedy show “Die Anstalt” (~the mental institution) produced an epic sketch last week, for those of you who can speak German watch here

For all others let me shortly explain. Based on the #Icebucketchallenge this summer, they guys of the Anstalt are now challenging us to highlight the Double Irish Dutch Sandwich tax loophole. They are calling it the #starbucketchallenge.

What’s this funny sounding Double Irish Dutch Sandwich tax loophole?
In short, corporations like Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many more pay sometimes as little as 1% income tax,  because they are moving their revenue around several holdings across various countries and tax havens.

It’s explained here, via this video Double Irish Dutch Sandwich Tax Strategy and here by the IMF p.47.

Also read on here on Google only paying 2,4% corporation tax or also here.
This affects you. We are talking about a loss of more than $60 billion in tax revenue a year. Sixty billion US dollars each year – about one-quarter of all revenue from the corporate income tax.
We challenge you to challenge the new EU Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker to close that tax loophole.

It is as simple as that: we can’t wait another 6 years to get that fixed!


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