Transeuropa Festival

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Transeuropa Festival is a unique transnational festival of culture, arts and politics, taking place in more than 13 cities all over Europe. It is not 13 different festivals happening at the same time, but one truly European festival taking place throughout the continent, both inside and outside the current European Union.

p5a (1) (2)Transeuropa Festival promotes political and cultural exchange across Europe and collective action for an alternative idea of Europe.

Through a series of linked practices, events and discourses – from panel discussions to artistic performances, video screenings, forums and public space activities such as bike tours, outdoor debates – it produces a shared and collaborative space.

The Festival events touch on many issues, including migration, cultural diversity, democracy, solidarity, economic alternatives, activism and forms of protest. The Festival features key intellectuals and artists, and attracts a young and mixed audience. All events are free and open to everybody.

Transeuropa Festival was born in 2007 in London as ‘London Festival of Europe’. It has since then spread all over Europe.

Transeuropa Festival is organised by the professional team of European Alternatives and by volunteers. Transeuropa Festival is the result of a participative process taking place throughout the year across Europe, involving more than 200 activists and volunteers. The Festival is also the result of partnerships and collaborations with NGOs, artistic and cultural institutions, creating a network of more than 100 organisations throughout Europe.

Each city of the Festival has a local group of activists, who meet up during the year, organizing activities, taking forward campaigns and discussing the contents and activities of the Festival. All the local groups work collaboratively during the year, thanks to monthly meetings and a constant online communication, building shared visions and proposals on the urgencies and priorities challenging Europe.

2013 edition – Imagine Demand Enact

2015 edition – Beyond Fragments

For #TEF15, these issues were war on the European continent, the rise of nationalism, the danger of the unravelling of the European Union (Brexit and Grexit), the continuation of self-defeating economic policies and mass unemployment, the persistence of corruption, the hecatomb in the Mediterranean, increased attacks on human rights and the questioning of freedom of movement for European citizens and migrants alike. These tendencies push us away from the core political principles of justice, unity and solidarity. But there were also positive, albeit fragmented signs. #TEF15 aimed at giving a strong push in this direction and at going beyond fragments.

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Countries Involved

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great-Britain, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia,Spain

Duration of Project

All year long

With the Support of

Allianz Cultural Foundation

Allianz Kulturstiftung_normal

Europe for Citizens Programme

Erste Stiftung

The European Parliament
european parliament for european people


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