Open letter to the European deputies of the EU’s Ministers of Home Affairs regarding the situation of Tunisian migrants


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Justice and Home Affairs Council

Hélène Flautre, European deputy of the Greens/European Free Alliance (EFA), as well as numerous Euro deputies from other political groups within the European Parliament, have addressed an open letter to the Ministers  of Home Affairs of the Member States of the EU, in view of their meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council (JHA) on the 9 and 10 of June. 

Following the visit to the European Parliament by a delegation of Tunisian migrants who had arrived on European soil via Lampedusa Island, the deputies are solemnly requesting that an end is brought to the precarious and humiliating situation of these people during the meeting of the EFA council, by activating Directive 55/2011, which provides temporary protection in the event of a mass influx of displaced persons.

 Open letter to European deputies to the Ministers of Home Affairs of the EU Member States in view of the JHA council meeting of the 9th and 10th June.

This Wednesday 8th June, we received a delegation of Tunisians to the European Parliament, who arrived on European soil via Lampedusa Island as of the 14th January. They request, on behalf of the 25,000 Tunisians who left Tunisia following the fall of Ben Ali’s regime, the activation of directive 55/2001 which allows a temporary protection to be allocated in the event of a massive influx of displaced persons.

The accounts that we have heard provide grounds for the allocation of a temporary right to stay and work for these Tunisian people, particularly those who have came from the southeast of the country.  This historically impoverished region has suffered badly from the fall in tourist and trans-border activity in the region, a direct consequence of the dramatic human and social consequences from the war in Libya.

These exceptional circumstances make returning to Tunisia particularly difficult in the short-term. At the same time, the temporary acceptance into the EU would provide a positive solution for all those concerned, who after having achieved freedom; simply want to have their right to dignity respected. This is imperative for themselves, for their family and friends, and to provide effective support to the democratisation process that is currently underway.

This is why, taking into account the fact that all the conditions for implementation are today fulfilled, we are asking you solemnly to put an end to the precarious and humiliating situation of these people during the meeting of the EFA council,  by activating Directive 55/2011providing temporary protection in the event of a mass influx.

Please accept our most sincere regards.

Kader Arif (France, S&D)

Jean-Luc Bennahmias (France, ALDE)

José Bové (France, Greens/EFA)

Rosario Crocetta (Italy, S&D)

Karima Delli (France, Greens/EFA)

Hélène Flautre (France, Greens/EFA)

Nathalie Griesbeck (France, ALDE)

Sylvie Guillaume (France, S&D)

Eva Joly (France, Greens/EFA

Nicole Kiil-Nielsen (France,Greens/EFA)

Patrick Le Hyaric (France, GUE/NGL)

Catherine Trautmann (France, S&D)

Marie-Christine Vergiat (France, GUE/NGL)

Bernadettte Vergnaud (France, S&D)

Translation: Chris Mckee