United States of Europe?

“We are all EUROPEANS,



Europe-wide FLASH MOB!


When: 13:30 on June 28th

Where: Place du Luxembourg/Esplanade Solidarnosc

in front of the European Parliament

(look for the flags!)

What: bring the European flag as well as some

national flags and join us!

Background of the initiative


On June 9th hundreds of Europeans in several European cities showed their solidarity to the Greek people by organising EUROPE-WIDE FLASH MOBS to say that “We are all Greeks, we are all Europeans!”
It is now time to act again to ask our European Leaders meeting for the European Summit of 28-29 June to take some significant decisions to overcome the crisis and give back the European People some hope in the future.
Under the motto: “WE ARE ALL EUROPEANS, WE WANT A FEDERAL EUROPE NOW!” the people of Europe are asking for the creation of a Federal Union!
Over the past few weeks initiatives have been organised in BRUSSELS, MILAN, DUSSELDORF, FLORENCE, SALZBURG, GENOA, PARIS, ATHENS, ROME TORTONA, LYON. The photos are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/374904629223431/Organized by: European Alternatives, European Green Party, European Federalist Party, Sinistra Ecologia e Libertá, Movimento Federalista Europeo and JEF.