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Home / Resources / News / Transeuropa Network elections: the results!

Transeuropa Network elections: the results!

From October 7th to 14th, members of the Transeuropa Network have voted online for their two representatives on the Board (learn more about European Alternatives' new structure).

Jonmar Van Vlijmen and Angela Anton were elected for a year, with respectively 34% and 25% of the votes. 

Angela and Jonmar
The new member representatives, Angela and Jonmar
Their role is to ensure a real participation of members in the decision-making process in European Alternatives and to guarantee that the organisation genuinely works bottom-up. They will communicate with all members of the Transeuropa Network, in local groups or not, on current projects and decisions taken by the Board, and they will likewise communicate to the Board any concern, proposal, question, etc. that members may rise.

Here is Jonmar Van Vlijmen's first message to all members:

“On October 15th, the local team of Transeuropa Amsterdam was present at 'Occupy Amsterdam' and the best place celebrating the results of the elections, with so many like minded people wanting, needing and feeling change. To actually feel this tremendous energy and incredible inspiration shaping a common voice enabling ourselves to listen to eachother and make changes together for our future. 
Together we were standing  for real democracy and equality. 
Thanks everyone for your votes, I look forward to further develop and shape a truly open and transparent communication in both directions between you and the board. In the upcoming time I will  build upon the trust you have given me to represent you in the best way I can. 
As your representative I'm looking forward to collaborate with you all. I would like to invite you to ask me questions, suggest me your brilliant ideas, give your comments, so we can all together make democracy work. 
My congratulations to Angela and it's a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you!