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Home / Resources / News / Transeuropa Festival, the countdown starts

Transeuropa Festival, the countdown starts

May is approaching, and May is the month of Transeuropa Festival. While Europe will be subject to tensions and attempts at weakening its social and civil unity, the third edition of the Transeuropa Festival will take place, proposing new visions for the emergence of an alternative Europe.

Transeuropa Festival is a unique transnational festival of culture, arts and politics, taking place in 14 cities all over Europe (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Bologna, Bratislava, Cluj-Napoca, London, Lublin, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Warsaw) from the 9th to the 20th May, with a closing forum in Rome on the 2nd and 3rd of June.

Transeuropa Festival aims at challenging the risks of a cultural crisis, a crisis in the imagination, where citizens are blocked in an oppressive, divided, exclusive present. Through its action the Festival shows that alternative models are possible, both in the political and cultural realms.

Transeuropa Festival promotes political and cultural exchange across Europe and collective action for alternative visions on the economic crisis, migrations and democratic participation.

Transeuropa Festival will open on the 9th of May with a transnational event, a common and shared gesture happening simultaneously in all the Festival’s cities, simple and powerful at the same time: a walk taking place simultaneously in all the Festival cities.

At the core of the festival, are weeks of debates, performances, art exhibitions and installations, films, living libraries and simultaneous activities, prepared throughout the year by European Alternatives and the Transeuropa Network.

The Festival will be closed by a European Forum taking place in Rome at Teatro Valle on the 2nd and 3rd June, a moment of debate and action where representatives from all the Festival cities will converge, bringing together the results of the Festival.

In 2012 Transeuropa Festival features over 80 individual events, open to the public for free, and is prepared by a team of over 100 activists, artists and intellectuals from all over Europe between Summer 2011 and Spring 2012. The team of activists forms part of the Transeuropa Network, an innovative transnational network working for a genuinely transnational politics and culture.

In 2011 The Festival saw the participation of over 400 speakers, 150 artists, and was attended by over 25,000 people in 12 cities.

The full programme of the festival will soon be available on