TN - 4th Meeting Report

The 4th meeting of the Transeuropa Network took place on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of January at the Toynbee Hall, London.

The event brought together more than 40 people from several European countries, whose main goal is to organise the 2011 edition of the Transeuropa Festival.
The thematic sessions were the key part to the weekend. The groups met to discuss the central issues of Migrations, Roma rights, Media Freedom and Pluralism, Social Europe, Gender Equality and Public Space, with a specific focus on the core thematic of the festival.
These discussions aimed to arrive at a clearer idea of what's planned in each city and aimed to build a narrative around each specific issues, in order to create one unique and transnational festival program.

Niccolo Milanese and Federico Guerrieri of European Alternatives held a fundraising workshop, in order to motivate the young participants to find funds for the festival in their own countries, while Dominique Tuohy discussed the issues related with the communication of the Festival.