The 20 jobs of the future

At our Festival, we’ll be exhibiting scenarios of how young people will make a living in 2020, so the presentation by @sparksandhoney provides fascinating insights into this future on how “60% of the best jobs in the next ten years haven’t been created yet”.

Our favourite jobs that haven’t yet been created are:

Corporate disorganizer

“An expert that shuffles hierarchies in companies to create start-up cultures and organised chaos

Curiosity tutor

“A personal advisor in flaneuring; an advisor that not only provides inspiration and content to spark curiosity, but one that teaches the art of discovery

Urban shepherd

“A combination of resilient micro-farmer and guide to the nature-filled side of the city”

Hackschooling counselor

“Encourages students to hack the real world and experiment with life rather than only pursuing traditional educational paths”

What job would you prefer?


We’ll be showcasing Making a Living across different cities in our Festival, including in London (12-13 & 19-20 October) & Amsterdam (19-20 October). Click on one of the tabs to get involved!