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TEA Final recommendations

The Transnational European Assembly project consists of a series of citizens assemblies involving 15 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Sweden. 

The process is coordinated by the NGO European Alternatives, which has over a decade of experience in running innovative transnational projects engaging citizens in European democracy, for which it has won prizes from the European Parliament, Charlemagne Foundation, Economic and Social Committee, and German Federal Agency for Civic Education. With offices in Paris, Berlin and Palermo, it has a transnational reach and internal linguistic capacity to work in 7 languages. it has developed extensive civil society collaborations across Europe, and a network of volunteers and activists across Europe, and experience in engaging citizens in the European elections. This gives European Alternatives a capacity to organise activities in all European countries.