Successful first week of Citizens Initiative for Media Pluralism

This week was the launch of the European Citizens’ Initiative for Media Pluralism with press conferences inaugurating the campaign on February 7th in seven European countries (read a press release with more information here). The Initiative, which aims to safeguard media freedom and pluralism, both currently under attack in the European Union, has been welcomed in many countries by civil society, journalists and key national newspapers.

Among the first to sign this week was the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, who signed online on February 5th in Strasbourg.

Recollecting  the role of the European Parliament in demanding greater EU involvement in protecting media freedom, the President declared:

“On numerous occasions the European Parliament has supported EU action with the aim of safeguarding the independence and pluralism of media within member sates. I am signing the Citizens Initiative for Media Pluralism since I am convinced that it is the duty of the EU to guarantee this right, set forth by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, to all European citizens.”

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Video of Martin Schulz signing the Initiative: