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Political Critique is a pan-european online magazine for democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state. The magazine focuses on the most important phenomena and trends in today’s politics, culture and society. One of its main premises is to break the artificial limits between politics and art and it publishes written and audiovisual content from the most relevant authors in the fields of sociology, philosophy, art and culture theory, always trying to combine and confront different perspectives. It also publishes a selection of articles from its partner journals with translations into the major European languages offering an European angle and perspective on the themes that it covers and curates. Political Critique dedicates special attention to certain areas of thinking and acting, such as the shifting understandings of borders, citizenship and migration; feminism and gender; the limits and contradictions of the European Union; new municipalism and rebel cities; artivism; and the commons.

European Alternatives and Krytyka Polityczna joined forces in order to develop a transnational media network able to speak beyond European borders. The alliance directly connects with our common objective of connecting the already existing audiences at the national level towards a shared European agenda setting, knowledge and imagination. Additionally, Political Critique offers an online space and community for a more connected generation of active citizens that engage with current events and social issues.

Countries Involved

Duration of Project
January 2017 - January 2020