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In 2014 European Alternatives has run a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) on media freedom, collecting 200,000 signatures across the EU to demand better European policy to protect freedom of information. The ECI is a new tool of participatory democracy introduced from April 2012 by the Lisbon Treaty, which allows civil society coalitions to collect signatures online and offline to present directly to the European Commission a proposal forming the base of an EU Directive. We together thousands of activists, organisations, and media from throughout Europe in a common transnational campaign.

The campaign has impacted decision-making, notably through the green light given to the Media Pluralism Monitor, and led to the establishment of an international NGO based in Brussels named European Media Initiative and continuing the work of our campaign.

Countries Involved
All 28 member states of the EU, with particular focus on Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Spain, UK

Duration of Project
August 2013 - November 2014