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Observe your neighbourhood

Have you ever heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Visuals have been used to represent how people make a living from prehistoric hunters in Altamira to communities in East London.

We’re using creative methods to uncover your experiences on how you cope with trying to make a living. We’ll use these to develop scenarios and a guide on how, through the process of coping with the crisis, young people are creating new ways of making a living.

You might have already completed our survey, but feel a bit shy about interviewing people. We’ve got an activity you can get involved in!

We’re looking to create a map of what making a living means to people in neighbourhoods across Europe through photos. We will showcase this at our festival and on our website and we need your help! Find out how below!

If you’re still begging for more to get involved in, here’s another exciting opportunity for you to have your work showcased at our award winning festival! We have created a method where you can imagine a day in the life of a young person in 2020 using the personas that have been developed – Invisible Citizens, Zombie Generation, Militant Optimists and Lifestyle Hackers.