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Model European Union 2013

Model European Union (MEU) is a prestigious simulation of European institutions and politics. Organised by the Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA) e.V, it is an informal educational project which aims to give young individuals a first-hand experience of the complex structures of the European Union’s decision-making process. Hosted in the European Parliament, the 7th edition of the Strasbourg conference will take place in Strasbourg, France between the 20th – 27th April 2013. During this time, over 180 young people will take on the roles of Ministers of the Council, Members of the European Parliament, lobbyists, journalists and interpreters. The application process closes on the 31st January 2013. For more information and the rules of application, please see :

Due to technical problems, the Model European Union Strasbourg 2013 application process has been extended to 11 February. Anyone who has had issues in applying the first time, please apply now! Those of you who had problems in applying, such as not receiving the confirmation email, either reapply or get in touch with us. For more information and the rules of application please see our website: