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Making markets

In our workshop on helping young people how to make a festival, one of the themes that kept coming back was how to make a living through the crisis. What came out of this discussion was that: “People wanted to go back to what really mattered – like valuing where we live and what we make.

People wanted to explore ways to value the places we live in – whether it’s encouraging people to recycle, grow community gardens, replant playgrounds or host craft markets. Could food could be at the heart of linking up people from different cultures and cities in Europe?

Should we teach children to fix and make things rather than spend to buy?” That’s why it’s amazing to see how the Teenage Market has developed, helping provide a platform to teenagers wanting to show, share and sell their crafts, proof that they’re not just watching TV or glued to their BBMs all day!

We reckon this would be a great way to meet @openideo brief on “how might we inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence” through making! That’s why we’re chuffed to be hosting our venue at @makerversity in Somerset House!

Introducing OpenIDEO’s Creative Confidence Challenge from IDEO on Vimeo.

The market is part of our everyday reality, but how often do we reflect on what we think, feel, do, say, seehear, taste or buy here? What does this space really mean to us?

We developed a treasure hunt around markets to discover how we experience a space like a market. What also came out of this is our new project looking at how young people cope creatively with trying to make a living. If you’re a young person or work with young people, we’d love to hear from you!

We’ll be showcasing Making a Living across different cities in our Festival. Get involved!