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“I used to fly with Ryanair, I am a social media expert, And I speak a bit of Italian, English and French too”.

These are just some of the lyrics to the CV sung by @Henzovic on a Spanish tube. Through our Making a Living project, we’ve been finding out how young people cope with making a living, including how they manage practically – from saving money to selling services.

There are many ways you can create a CV which is exciting – from to– and even discover your skills to produce your own portfolio with discoverables. What is so striking about @henzovic resume singalong is that it sums up the paradox that young people are faced with. That they know how to save money (@lucytobin), they are putting into practice the skills for new jobs like social media expert and they are learning new languages to open up opportunities to a much wider job market.

For some people, this song tells the story of a “bomeur” – unemployed young people who bum about – but perhaps it’s the story of young people who are working their b***s off learning & applying the skills the economy needs in the 21st century. Maybe it’s the job market that hasn’t caught up? Or maybe we should just go with our gut feelings and do what we really love?

Here’s an exciting opportunity for you to have your work showcased at our award winning festival! We have created a method where you can imagine a day in the life of a young person in 2020 using the personas that have been developed – Invisible Citizens, Zombie Generation, Militant Optimists and Lifestyle Hackers.