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Home / Journal / Our Demands: Justice and Equity

The fourth set of demands centres the need to empower minoritised communities and end all discrimination across Europe.

Credit: European Alternatives

Like our other demands, our campaign for justice and equity is built on years of engagement with different struggles across the continent. Our Holding Spaces documentary series brings together activists across Europe fighting for the rights of a diverse range of people, at a training programme that took place in Sofia. Watch the episode Spaces for Training.

We call for a EU-wide law on anti-discrimination which includes specific and intersectional grounds on: gender-based violence, LGBTQI+ discrimination, exclusion based on race, ethnicity, and nationality, and religion (including Islamophobia). Europe should work internally and in the world against discrimination and all forms of domination.

  • Women’s rights must be guaranteed, promoted and protected, including the right to abortion and reproductive autonomy
  • Comprehensive sex education for all young people in Europe for an informed and empowered generation, with an understanding and respect of gender and sexual diversity
  • A reinforced European Feminist Network to stop the anti-gender movement
  • Ensuring the same rights for LGBTQIA+ people and families across Europe, including marriage, adoption, having children, access to healthcare and education and ending discrimination
  • We must immediately address and protect the significant disparities in suicidality and severe mental health challenges that disproportionately affect LGBTQIA+ youth
  • The EU must urgently address rising Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism; providing funding and resources for community safety and tackling hate crime; guaranteeing women’s rights to bodily autonomy and freedom to choose what to wear, and freedom of expression and belief
  • The EU must acknowledge the historic role of European countries in colonialism, including genocides, apartheid, violence and extraction, that continue to this day
  • There can be no durable justice in Europe without justice in the world. This means the EU must support Ukrainians to resist Russian imperial aggression, bring about an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and reinforce the work of the International Criminal Court to prosecute crimes against humanity and establish international law as the peaceful alternative to a world of military force.