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Home / Journal / Our Demands: A Digital Revolution That Serves The People

Our fifth demand is for transformation and democratization of the digital world. 

Technology should ease human suffering and serve human flourishing and creativity. It should not be used as a tool of control or profit. Instead, surveillance technology is becoming increasingly widespread, disproportionately impacting human rights defenders, racialised people and migrants. Private data is bought and sold in the name of corporate interests. 

Our demands for digital transformation stem from our varied work on this topic, including our Artsformation project, which used the arts to explore inclusive digital transformation. Watch the video below to find out more:

Watch Jacc explain what By The Many means to them and how digital movement building is crucial to transnational organising.

We want tech built for people, not profit. We must democratise ownership of tech tools and data. Our digital lives are intertwined with our physical lives: everyone must be empowered and equipped to participate and co-create digital life, protected against exploitation online.

  • Citizens must have control over who stores their personal data and be able to delete them at any time. The EU must implement systems for individual control over the storing of personal data, the right to delete your own data, and the right to privacy online
  • Private data must be protected from being bought and sold by private companies without consent, transparency or protection of the individual
  • The EU must take unified legal protection against discrimination and violence by Artificial Intelligence, and develop a planetary model of advanced technology which facilitates human flourishing and collaboration rather than profit-making or domination
  • The EU must investigate and dismantle systemic discrimination, violence and repression, online and offline, towards women, trans and LGBTQIA+, migrants, racialised communities, human rights defenders, journalists, and ordinary people
  • A democratic online space that protects freedom of speech as well as the rights of women, children, racialised people and the LGBTQIA community to thrive and participate in digital life.