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Hello Europe

Do you feel…European? If we asked the question anywhere in Europe “Do you make me feel so“, you’d be surprised to get “European” as a response. And yet when we’re away from it, we feel transnational, when we create a visceral connection with people over issues we care deeply about and when we find memories of other countries in the cities we live in, we feel more transnational.

Perhaps that’s what distinguishes feeling transnational from feeling European? “People can act after they have witnessed how people really live and have experienced the emotions they have shared with those people” – it’s where they feel bonds, and when people travel or live in other cities in Europe, they can start feeling Euro…bonds.

Unlike financial bonds, emotional bonds create energies that create assets. One of our projects is exploring understanding how young people cope with making a living and one of the questions we always get asked, is “how do young people you’ve interviewed in other cities cope with making a living” – we’ve had skype meetings so they could do that – what if they could have that conversation between themselves in real time?

Maybe, very soon they will, thanks to #helloeurope a new initiative to crowdfund for this happen! Check out their website and show your support! In the meantime, you could win an infographic or help us design scenarios for our project on how young people cope creatively with making a living!