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Green Screen Diaries

We want to play with you…“Imagine the future of Europe”

Green Screen Diaries is a transnational story-telling game that connects places and people, past and future in Europe.

This is how it works: your team will receive a starter kit in a mysterious box wrapped in green cloth. Inside: an exploration kit that unfolds step by step.
Leading you and your team on a journey through your city. You will collaboratively write, perform and record a diary entry from the future using public spaces, chalk, your voice, smartphone and a green screen.

You will integrate fragments from other futures, creating new fragments for other futures. In the end, you will close the box and pass it on. Each journey is just one link in an expanding network of European imaginations. Asking the questions: How can we explore Europe from the inner world, from an outside perspective and what will the future look like?

You and your friends would like to try it out? Get the game box sent to you with a detailed description and all tools that you need by registering under

In case you are interested, but you do not have enough players, why not create a facebook page and make us promote it? In this case write to

For Berliners, there are already some dates on which we will gather and play:

13/09, 15/09 and 16/09

For one of these dates please register via

You find the facebook event for the Berlin dates here.


Q: What is this game?

A: The Green Screen Diaries is a 1-2 hour long game for 3-6 players. It is a part of the Transeuropa Festival. But just order a box, gather some friends and let the magic happen. Trust us!

Q: But I want to know what happens NOW!

A: Okay, okay. In the box you will find instructions how to – safely! – take a peek into the future. And chalk, dice and a green screen. The game will move with you through your city and will try to help you to think differently about it. Uh, in the end you will make a gorgeous video. Or two.

Q: Videos with the green screen?

A: Yes, you and your friends will be script writers, audio directors and guerilla film makers.

Q: Sounds complicated…
A: Not at all. You will need a smart phone, but it is not an app. Don’t worry about the technical stuff. The box will explain it all.

Q: You mentioned the Transeuropa Festival. What is that?

A: It is a Festival of arts, culture and politics that will take place in Belgrade in October. The game will also end in Belgrade so that all the boxes will come together one last time.

Q: Why is it then called “transnational storytelling”?

A: Because some futures are so beautiful or dangerous or different that you can only approach them by working together with people from all over Europe. Hmh. Maybe it is a tiny bit political after all.