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Home / Events / Past events / Workers Without Borders in Conversation with EU Policy Makers

Workers Without Borders in Conversation with EU Policy Makers

Europe depends on workers moving. Whether they are making deliveries, harvesting fruits and vegetables, caring for elderly people, working in construction, lawyers, doctors, researchers or in many other kinds of work. People who move to a country in Europe are essential to the well-being of everyone.
Mobile workers are more at risk of exploitation, less likely to be well represented by trade unions and national authorities, and have many specific needs when it comes to information, to social protection and access to health services, to secure housing and the possibility of crossing borders to care for their families.
European Alternatives gather together migrant workers, workers’ collectives, trade unions and NGOs fighting for the rights of migrant workers from inside and outside the EU. Together we not only want to articulate problems and demands, but also formulate policy recommendations to strengthen the rights of migrant workers.
Our fourth event from the series brings together EU representatives, care workers, delivery workers, and a journalist to discuss in detail their experiences, analyses and demands.
⚡ Denis Gonton (Senior policy expert from the EU Commission)
⚡ Agnes Jongerius (Member of the European Parliament)
⚡ Kinga Milankovics (Care Worker)
⚡ Orry Mittenmayer (Delivery Worker)
⚡ Leila Minano (Journalist, Investigate Europe)
Moderates: Niccolò Milanese (European Alternatives)