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Home / Events / Past events / Transnational Assembly of Solidarity Across Borders

Transnational Assembly of Solidarity Across Borders

We have invited activists, organizers, educators, researchers, artists and civil society organizations from Europe and around the world who all dedicate their work to inquiring, re-thinking and building trust and solidarity within and between civil societies and/or social movements across and beyond Europe.

Together we want to find answers to the question, what is to be done against the current political climate of general mistrust? How can we tackle disinformation and join together to deepen democracy? What are the most effective strategies and practices to involve citizens and residents of the European Union in civil participation and community engagement? 

The assembly will provide the opportunity for in-person and online participation. Participation in some of our assemblies is by invitation only. However, interested people can register for online participation or attend our public assembly and film screening of »From Here« on Friday, 17.11.2023 from 19:00. Register now!