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Home / Events / Past events / Transeuropa Festival 2022 – Decolonize! Decarbonise! Democratize!

Transeuropa Festival 2022 – Decolonize! Decarbonise! Democratize!

The new edition of Transeuropa takes place in Porto and presents a rich schedule of events prepared in cooperation with local partners in the city. The programme will consist of events, exhibitions, open assemblies, meetings and music and will involve a large number of historical spaces of the city.


In an era marked by climate catastrophe, inequality and discrimination towards minority groups, Transeuropa Festival open spaces to recognise the agency of citiziens to take action and redefine the space we occupy in the world. Curated collectively and taking into account a plurality of voices, our programme actively participates in deconstructing spaces of oppression and works in building spaces of freedom and imagination to construct viable and long-term alternatives.

Porto becomes the ideal location to take forward these concepts and rethink a new physical and conceptual space in which the relations between Europe, Africa and Latin America take a different shape. By inviting artists, activists, workers and citizens to Porto we co-create a programme that relates to the city and its communities; we create a collective space to imagine new narratives and enact political agency.

Decolonize, Decarbonise, Democratize; our curatorial theme focuses on the combination of scientific and technical knowledge but also holistic and artistic practices that facilitate the creation of collaborative alliances across our interconnected world. Let’s imagine and create together, let’s Decolonize, Decarbonise and Democratize our lives.