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Home / Events / Past events / This body of mine –  an exhibition and workshop on disability advocacy

This body of mine –  an exhibition and workshop on disability advocacy

“This body of mine” by the DEMO participant Ally Zlatar
Disability activism is crucial to dismantle societal barriers and foster inclusivity. Lennard Davis emphasizes that disability is not merely a medical condition but a social construct shaped by cultural perceptions and systemic discrimination. By advocating for disability rights through ‘This Body of Mine’ the featured artists challenge ingrained stereotypes and promote accessibility in all facets of life.  Their works strive to highlight the neglected and untold stories in hopes of disrupting mainstream narratives, challenging stigmas and fostering a more inclusive society. By integrating art into activism, we not only raise awareness but also cultivate a culture of acceptance and empowerment for people with disabilities, paving the way for meaningful societal change focused on people-centred solutions

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