Tax evasion and financial criminality in Europe: new forms of fraud, new social struggles

Paris July
9th 2014
EA Event
EA Event

July 9th at 13:00h at MAS Paris 10 Rue des Terres au Curé, 75013

This event is part of the project ‘Tackling Illegal Economy (TIE)’ which is aimed at promoting confiscation and recovery of the proceeds of crime, as one of the most important transnational tools for the fight against financial and economic crime. Therefore, it brings together partner civil society organisations to jointly identify, promote and disseminate best practices on the re-use of illicit assets.

The seminar is open to all and free of charge. Places are limited and reservation is highly recommended, before July 8th. To register, please write to (please kindly let us know if you speak English, French or both).