Reclaim Europe! - Urban perspectives, Transnational strategies

Lisbon November
7th 2018
EA Event
EA Event

November 7th at 9:30h at Biblioteca de Marvila, Rua António Gedeão

Cities throughout Europe are the stage of social and political struggles and, at the same time, of pioneering solutions. It is at the city level where citizens face the issues that directly affect their communities, but also have a cross-border impact. It is in this intersection between the local and the transnational where we can find effective solutions for the most pressing matters of our times, from the managing of decent housing to climate change and to the arrival of newcomers in our cities.

⚡️What Europe would we like to live in and what does that mean for the struggles in our cities?
⚡What must change if the European Union is to gain in democratic legitimacy from the grassroots level?
⚡️How can we evaluate the existing instruments of civil society influence on the decisions of EU institutions?
⚡️What plans for a Europe that we experience in common – not only through the institutions – already exist and how can they be strengthened?

“Reclaim Europe! – Urban perspectives, transnational strategies’’ is a one day event that aims to exchange opinions and experiences from the city level that critically question the one-sided configuring of European integration by elites and European institutions.

The event is the next step of “Reclaim Europe – A Project for the Participation of Civil Society in a Common Europe” by Friedrich Ebert Foundation Portugal that has brought together civil society organisations to discuss the European dimensions of their struggles and to identify claims and proposals for a jointly shaped Europe.