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Home / Events / Past events / Rebel Cities: with Ada Colau, Luigi De Magistris, Lorenzo Marsili, Gianfranco Bettin

Rebel Cities: with Ada Colau, Luigi De Magistris, Lorenzo Marsili, Gianfranco Bettin

The recent and catastrophic result of the UK referendum on the Brexit shows that we cannot go on like this: the austerity policies led by national and European élites over the years of the crisis, have brought fragmentation and inequalities. Throughout the continent they are boosting a dangerous growth of egoisms and enclosure, facing the risk of giving the destiny of millions of citizens to authoritarian and racist forces.
On the other hand, throughout Europe, experiences of completely different nature have been developing: local movements and institutions which, claiming social and civil rights, are trying to build up an alternative able to ensure better life conditions for everyone. One year of “government of change” in Barcelona, after the mayoral election won by Ada Colau, and Luigi De Magistris’ recent reappointment as mayor of Naples, are among the most well-known and advanced experiences of “rebel cities” in Europe. These are cities constantly in open dialogue with initiatives “from below” that try to question the apparently unchangeable national and European power forcers in order to open up new spaces to find solutions.

To learn directly about the experiences in Barcelona and Naples and to discuss with them the need of a network of “cities of change”, Marghera Municipality and European Alternatives invite you to the public event with Ada Colau (mayor of Barcelona), Luigi De Magistris (mayor of Naples), Gianfranco Bettin (president of Maghera Municipality) and Lorenzo Marsili (co-founder of European Alternatives), moderated by Giacomo Russo Spena (journalist and author of “Ada Conau. La città in comune (The city in common)”.
Find out more about the project of rebel cities and the path promoting the development of a transnational network of cities and municipalities of change here.