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Home / Events / Past events / Panic! Don’t panic! // F(EU)ture Festival

Panic! Don’t panic! // F(EU)ture Festival

In pro-European activist circles and slowly also in the media the upcoming elections for the European Parliament are rising the tempers. Some announce a far-right takeover and lament the low mobilisation rate of a progressive, pro-European electorate. Some see Steve Bannon as the mastermind behind the to be expected far-right gains. Clearly, the far right has gathered lots of attention recently. What is happening on the pro-European front? What initiatives are out there that speak about the democratic, open-minded, egalitarian and transnational Europe? This session is about presenting existing projects (like Transeuropa Caravans) about plans that go beyond the Elections (like the School of Transnational Activism) and about gathering energy for what is happening in this city, Berlin, in the next weeks until end of May (like the #EuropeanMay, 19th of May demonstration and more). If we are more, we can be many!