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Let’s have a seat

A project by the DEMO participant Yasir Syed:

Imagine a world where your voice doesn’t count. Where what you think, what you feel, doesn’t matter. That’s a world without democracy. Yes, democracy is messy. It’s loud. It’s full of arguments and disagreements. Sometimes, it feels like it’s breaking apart at the seams. But guess what? That’s also its beauty.
In the heart of democracy lies a promise – a promise that every single one of us has a say in shaping our future. It’s like a giant family dinner where everyone, and I mean everyone, gets to talk. Sure, we might argue about what’s on the menu, but in the end, we all sit at the same table.

The problem these days is that some people sitting at the at the table don’t understand the menu anymore and no one can explain so they are not only losing interest in choosing something from the menu, but they have also lost their appetite and don’t even care what is being served and who chooses. This needs to be changed.

So after putting a lot of thought the plan I came up with project that is called ‘ Lets have a seat’ consist of two parts:
What’s on the Menu?: In a vibrant poster campaign set to launch in the first week of May, we invite 30 dynamic young adults, ages 18 to 30, to craft and share their visual interpretations of democracy and European Union values. We will select the top five standout posters for widespread distribution. This initiative aims to harness the digital reach of our participants, anticipating an engagement of at least 20 individuals per poster, culminating in an estimated total outreach of 130 people.

The Chef’s Special – A Dinner of Dialogue: On the 7th of July 2024, join us at The Hague Youth Factory for ‘The Chef’s Special’, an immersive dinner debate experience. Engage in a culinary evening filled with robust discussions on human dignity, the depths of freedom, the facets of equality, and the crucial role of democracy and decision-making in our society. This event promises not only a feast for the senses but also food for thought, as we unravel these topics in depth. With 50 attendees each committed to sharing the experience online, we aim to amplify our message to a broader audience, ensuring a significant impact with a target goal of engaging 100 people.