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Fira in EU-valet: Politik & Afterwork

The DEMO participant Abbas Sbeity with the Helsingborg Nature Conservation Society, the Helsingborg Climate Agreement and Mindpark Fabriken 1891 invite interested people to celebrate the EU election and the opening of early voting on 22 May. It will be an evening with a wonderful atmosphere and knowledge. We are at Fabriken1891 if the weather is nice, even partly outside, there is food and drink. Feel free to bring a friend who is curious about the EU election as well. On the stage Representatives/EU candidates from the Center Party, the Climate Alliance, the Christian Democrats, the Liberals, the Green Party, the Moderates, the Sweden Democrats, the Social Democrats and the Left Party talk about their most important issues this election. More generally and linked to climate & environment. What they are most proud of having been involved in pushing through at EU level and what they oppose the most. Johanna Allhorn, reporter from the newspaper Näringslivet, who talks briefly about the EU’s institutions and how new legislative proposals are drawn up, as well as how the lobbyist work in Brussels is done. Presentation with Karsten Deppert, More about Fit for 55 – the EU’s major investment for a sustainable future – short ten minute presentation to give an intro and overview. Mingle with the parties In addition to the stage program, the various parties will be represented throughout the evening and will be able to provide in-depth information during the mingling breaks. So that you can ask questions about the EU election and get their perspective.