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European Common Space for Alternatives

An exciting gathering of transnational social movement actors uniting to build transformative alternatives.

Today, throughout Europe, we have a blossoming of mobilisations and social experiments that are exciting and enriching. At the same time, however, we are facing major and often dramatic challenges. While we have a large number of thematic networks in Europe, we no longer have a common space for all the social and citizens’ movements that would enable us to share our experiences and challenges and develop joint initiatives and mobilisations. Over the last two years, numerous meetings and conferences have provided an opportunity to discuss this absence and to make a modest attempt to rebuild this common space. We intend to bring together more people from diverse origins and backgrounds to the understanding of a caring society.

Today, we want to propose a new step in this process by meeting together in the run-up to the European Union elections in June 2024. This broad encounter, which will be held in Marseille, France, from the 26-28 April, will be based on a simple premise: “To challenge the far right, we need a social, feminist, antiracist, ecological, peaceful and democratic Europe”.  The event will be organised using a bottom-up approach, giving everyone the possibility to express themselves and to organise discussions and actions.

Together, let’s make this encounter a milestone for change!